April 22, 2020

Long Queues At Bubble Tea Shops As Singapore Tightens Circuit Breaker Measures

As Singapore implements tighter measure of Circuit Breaker, the restrictions of F&B outlets are also being tightened. Even standalone bubble tea outlets are ordered to close as bubble tea business has also been taken off the essential service list.

Following this, crowds can be seen rushing to buy their favorite bubble tea the night before the closure of their favorite bubble tea chains.

“People were rushing for one last drink,” the managing director of Tiger Sugar, Trevor Fong told Today.


Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

Well, we guess not being able to have your favorite bubble tea for at least one month is indeed devastating. So let’s hope the pandemic ends really soon and we can all have our normal lives – including buying bubble tea anytime we want –  back.

Cover photo: Sin Chew Daily // The Straits Times


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