April 23, 2020

Selayang And Seri Murni Residents Under Lockdown Reportedly Not Received Food Aids In 3 Days

Selayang and Seri Murni been placed under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) since Monday (Apr 20), and it is reported that the citizens inside the containment area have not received any food aids.

According to Sin Chew Daily, a representative told the news portal that there have not been any government personnel to deliver food materials, nor did the residents receive any notice by the authorities.

“It’s disappointing that the government suddenly issued a lockdown without proper arrangement,” he said.


Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

As the issue is raised, Senior minister Ismail Sabri Yaako was asked to comment on claims that residents in the area under the EMCO have not been given food, FMT reported.

“We are working on this issue (food not being delivered),” he said at a press conference yesterday (Apr 22). “We have been informed that many companies and NGOs are making donations in Selayang, and we will coordinate with them to make sure they reach the residents.”

He also said that all residents in the area, including Rohingya refugees, would be given food.

Anyway, hope the problem is solved and the residents would receive food aids as soon as possible.

Cover photo: Sin Chew Daily


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