April 24, 2020

Reopening of his own restaurant and help delivery, Malaysia’s first astronaut to deliver meals for you.

(Kuala Lumpur, 23rd): Malaysia ’s first astronaut Dr Sheik Muszaphar Shukor acted as a delivery man for his own restaurant “Rebung” during the operation control order.

Dr Sheik Muszaphar Shukor posted photos and videos of himself preparing to ride a bike to deliver meals on Instagram today, and described the days when he recalled the restaurant in 2003 in a post.

“I remember when I first started, I went to the Selayang wholesale market every day at 4 a.m. to buy fresh seafood for 6 months.

Ramadan in previous years also helps delivery

“I also remember when I was giving away Lemang, Rendang and Malay Modol during the Ramadan month in the past two years.”

He said that his restaurant started to reopen last week during the operation control order, and he helped deliver the food.

His post was praised by a large number of netizens, and many netizens who have visited the restaurant also praised the delicious food, hoping that the restaurant’s food delivery service also covers their own home range.

Dr Sheik Muszaphar Shukor was born in Kuala Lumpur and received a bachelor’s degree from Castelberg Medical College in India. After graduation, he became a surgeon and served as a medical lecturer at the National University of Malaysia. He has worked in several hospitals and is also an amateur model.

He published an open letter to the Malaysian people the day before he flew into space in October 2007. He borrowed the famous astronaut Armstrong’s moon landing saying: “This is a small step for me, but it is Malaysian A big step.”

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Article Source: Xingzhou Daily 2020-04-23

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