April 25, 2020

Unable to buy milk to drink for children, unemployed single mother, suicide in bathroom

(Thailand, 24th) The coronary disease epidemic hit all walks of life. A single mother who was unemployed due to the epidemic was unable to buy milk for two young children due to financial difficulties. Eventually, she chose to hang herself in the bathroom.

According to Thai media reports, the deceased Irada Lordpet (26) was only 26 years old. He was found dead by his brother in the bathroom on the 20th of this month. She was rushed to the hospital and confirmed his death.

The report pointed out that she lived by selling yoghurt during her lifetime and peddled from house to house every day. However, due to the epidemic situation, she was unable to make enough money to pay the bills and had no money to buy milk for her children.

The village chief revealed that Ilada had just divorced and had to raise two sons alone, aged 6 months and 6 years old. Ilada, who had a difficult life, once asked her to extend the loan, but it was not long before she received a call from her mother to inform her that her daughter had passed away.

Kiattiphum Wongworajit, director of the Mental Health Department, mentioned the Asian financial crisis in 1997, which also caused a rise in suicide rates at 8.59 per 100,000 people. Therefore, at this critical moment, people should care for and care for each other, so as not to increase the number.

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Source from: https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2259491.html

Photo: https://medium.com/red-pill-zone/alternatives-to-suicide-7dbdfb08f946

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