April 25, 2020

COVID-19 | 3 Months Lockdown ‘Felt Like 300 Years’, British Teen Singer Took Her Own Life

A talented young singer in England killed herself after struggling with the restrictions to stay at home, said her family.

Beth Palmer, 17, was found dead at her home at the end of March. She ‘gave no indication she was struggling with her mental health’, reports The Sun. Beth’s father told the press that she was ‘sad and frustrated about not being able to see her friends or go to college.’

“I have no doubt the lockdown has played a major part in Beth’s death,” he said. “She felt as though this three-month lockdown was to her 300 years.”


Photo source: Daily Mail

Beth was a student at Access Creative College in Manchester. She was studying to be a vocal artist, and was gaining reputation by performing and singing regularly in local bars, according to Daily Mail.

Cover photo: Daily Mail

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