April 25, 2020

Malaysian Specialist Doctor Died Of COVID-19 In Birmingham

A Malaysian doctor who specializes in neonatology at Birmingham Hospital in England, died in Covid-19.

Dr. Vishna Rasiah, a consultant neobiologist at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, died at the age of 48, leaving his wife and daughter.

According to the Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS trust, Dr. Vishna is highly respected in the Central Region as part of his role as clinical director of the regional neonatal network.

The Trust’s chief executive Sarah-Jane Marsh said Dr. Vishna was an amazing doctor, leader, colleague, and friend passionate about the care of babies and their families.

“Losing him in such a cruel and unfair way will be too much to bear for many of us, in particular anyone involved in neonatal care, and of course his beautiful wife and daughter.

“As our tears flow, we must always remember the values that Vish stood for, and hold his vision, courage, and compassion in our hearts. God bless you Vish, and may you rest in peace,” she said in a tribute posted on the website on Friday (April 24).



Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/04/25/malaysian-specialist-doctor-in-birmingham-dies-of-covid-19

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