April 27, 2020

Spanish Football Unlikely To Resume Before Summer

Health minister Salvador Illa has refused to offer any guarantee the Spanish football season will resume before Spain’s summer arrives.

Appearing at a government coronavirus briefing on Sunday, Illa spoke about the prospect of La Liga returning.

There have been no Spanish top-flight games since early March, and although there are hopes matches could start from June, Illa was careful not to present any timeframe.

“I cannot say now if professional football will be able to restart before the summer, it would be imprudent of me,” he told a news conference.

The health minister added that La Liga’s plans to provide daily Covid-19 tests for players, which have been criticised by the Spanish players’ association for diverting resources from groups with greater need, requires government approval.

“There is an order from the health ministry which is in place for all types of groups, including professional football,” he said. “They have to put whatever type of diagnostic tests they have at the disposition of the regional governments.”

“We are going to see how things evolve before we decide how different professions will resume activities,” he said.

“Things will not be like they were before. Until we get a vaccine we’re going to have to learn to live with this virus which I insist is dangerous and we cannot afford to show it a lack of respect.”

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