April 27, 2020

Tencent’s VooV Meeting Now Available In Malaysia

Tencent Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Tencent, has introduced its cloud conferencing tool VooV Meeting in Malaysia, offering a high-definition, ultra-smooth and secure multi-person cloud conferencing solution.

In a statement, it said enterprises could seamlessly connect with their colleagues and business partners all over the world with VooV Meeting’s extensive network and stability.

It said Asiasoft Malaysia, China Construction Bank Malaysia and Green Packet Bhd were among the first in the country to integrate VooV Meeting into their business routine.

“During the novel coronavirus outbreak, Tencent Cloud would provide global users with special complimentary access to VooV Meeting’s feature that connects up to 300 participants simultaneously,” it said.

Integrated with WeChat’s ecosystem, VooV Meeting also allows users to join meetings through WeChat’s mini program or direct dialling without the need to install the app.

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