April 29, 2020

Health Director-General | Daily COVID-19 Confirmed Case Expected To Drop To Single Digit

Malaysia has started the fourth phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) starting today (April 29). The Health Director-General, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah mentioned in his daily conference yesterday (April 28) that Malaysia is expected to see single-digit of daily COVID-19 confirmed case in the next week or two, or in mid-May, but it is necessary for the people to abide by the new normal, according to Sin Chew Daily.

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He added that staying at home is the safest way to avoid being infected, thus he urged Malaysians to not leave the house unless it is necessary. The infection rate has decreased, according to yesterday’s data.

Meanwhile, Dr. Noor Hisham too pointed out that Malaysia would have obtained a single digit by now, like Thailand, if it weren’t for the Tabligh gathering cluster. Among all confirmed cases in Malaysia, 30% to 40% are from the Tabligh gathering cluster, and this cluster was discovered 10 days later.

Although Malaysia discovered the cluster 10 days later, the government’s actions have successfully suppressed the further spread of the virus.

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In a separate report by Sin Chew Daily, Dr. Noor Hisham disclosed that the Ministry of Health (MoH) has drafted the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for those fields which are allowed to resume operation today (April 29).

He revealed that all fields must follow the rules that were set by the MoH, including:

1. The company must screen the temperature of all employees;

2. Sufficient space, for social distancing;

3. No gathering;

4. Make sure that all employees practice hand-washing.

“For all economic sectors, we have developed Standard Operating Procedures and we will open them in stages,” he said, as reported in Sin Chew Daily.

Cover photo: The Star || Level Up Coding


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