April 30, 2020

‘Reopen North Carolina’ Protest Leader Tests Positive For COVID-19

One of the leaders of the group that is behind the major rallies that protest against the lockdown in North Carolina has tested positive for COVID-19.

Audrey Whitlock, the administrator of the Reopen NC Facebook page, posted on Sunday (Apr 26) that she has tested positive for the virus and has been in home quarantine for 14 days, reports China Press.

“The test came back positive for COVID and negative for the antibodies, so I had a CDC test performed,” she wrote.


Photo source: Fox News

Claiming to be “asymptomatic”, Ms. Whitlock said was “forced to quarantine” and had been“denied my 1st amendment right of freedom of religion”.

Being one of the organizers, Ms. Whitlock could not attend the group’s rallies due to her test result, but she said she will attend the next rally on Tuesday (Apr 28 local time).

Well, maybe there are people who value some things more than others, but who are we to judge? Let’s just hope the pandemic could end soon and we’ll all get to live our normal lives again.

Cover photo: Akahi News || Inquisitr

Source from: https://www.goodymy.com/mind3885617?fbclid=IwAR1X43GaJoJDsw5PtXadoG7Y8hvrm7UYVS5BZyx_3juq6HC2tqbrC83Ta8w

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