April 30, 2020

Google Meet Premium is now FREE for everyone through 30th September

Google is extending the amount of time its premium video chat features will be available to schools and other organizations. The company’s newly-renamed Google Meet software will now be open to all G Suite customers through Sept. 30th.

The company had previously announced premium features for Meet would be available to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers through July 1st. Premium features include the ability for up to 250 participants to join a call, live stream support for up to 100,000 viewers and the ability to record and save calls.

Since then, the company says it’s added up to 2 million new Meet users each day, with more than 100 million students and teachers using Google Classroom, the company’s suite of educational tools, which includes Google Meet.

Google’s extension comes as rival Zoom faces increasing scrutiny over its security practices. Some companies have since banned the software, as have many school districts. Extending the amount of time its premium features are more widely available could help Google further chip away at Zoom’s popularity.


source: https://www.engadget.com/google-extends-free-access-to-google-meet-230402977.html

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