April 30, 2020

Man Commits Suicide After Stabbing His Wife And Father-In-Law Due To Economic Difficulties

During MCO, many families were troubled by money, and a Malay couple in Bangi also had conflicts because of money problems. The husband first irrationally punched his wife and beat the wife and made the police station. After returning home, he stabbed his wife and father-in-law, and then hanged himself.

The police station sent police officers to the scene after receiving a phone call about her husband stabbing his wife and father-in-law at about 12 a.m. When the police came into the room to check, they found that the man who stabbed the victim had hung himself.

Kajang Police Chief Zaid Hassan pointed out that the deceased and the female wounded were in the police station yesterday because of the domestic violence. At that time, the female and the deceased quarreled because of money problems, after which she was punched by her husband, causing back injuries.



source: https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/523383

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