May 1, 2020

First Movie Trailer For The Upcoming 【Sailor Moon Eternal】 Movie

Follow by the announcement of the first animated movie for the 90s TV anime series Sailor Moon, the first official trailer clip & teaser poster for the movie 【Sailor Moon Eternal】 has been released!

In the teaser poster, we can see that the sailor moon is standing with a powerful determined gaze, surrounded by a mysterious universe background.


Source: Sailor Moon Official

As for the trailer clip, the classic opening theme of the Sailor Moon TV anime series has also included as the trailer background music, so nostalgic!


“With the striking bell sound of “Moonlight Legend”, the world of this work will be colored at a stretch. The strength of an ordinary girl as a warrior who fights her destiny and fights dignifiedly, and the world that she admired at that time will be revived as new images one after another!” —Sailor Moon Official Statement

The teaser clip also features the other Sailor Guardians- Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Chibi Moon.


Source: Video Screenshot


Source: Video Screenshot


Source: Video Screenshot


Source: Video Screenshot


Source: Video screenshot


Source: Video screenshot


Source: Video Screenshot

According to the official site, the movie will also feature the arrival of Pegasus (Elios), which is the beginning of the story of the Dead Moon edition.


Source: Video screenshot 


Source: Sailor Moon official 

The first part of Sailor Moon Eternal will be released on 11 September 2020, stay tuned for more updates from the official site.

Sailor Moon-official & Sailor Moon- movie


Source: Sailor Moon Official

Source & Cover Photo: Sailor Moon-movie || Sailor Moon- official

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