May 2, 2020

Nike Collaborates With 7-Eleven? | 7-Eleven x Nike SB Dunk Low

Is Nike collaborating with the International convenient store chain 7-Eleven? The answer is YES!

The visuals of the Nike SB Dunk Low X 7-Eleven shoe model has been spread virally on Instagram, if the sneak peek is true, then we can expect this exciting collaboration may really come true soon in 2020.

Based on the visual, we can see that the Nike SB Dunk Low X 7 Eleven is designed with the color that is a resemblance to the colors of 7-Eleven (Red, Green, Orange & White).  The Instagram owner @soledebrief also shared that the design of the shoe was inspired by the 7-Eleven logo.

Basically, the shoe design combines the color of red (toebox), green, and orange for the side panels.  The 7-Eleven logo is embroidered on the heel counter and tongue, along with the iconic white Swoosh branding on the sides.

There’s no official release regarding this collaboration by now, so let’s just stay tuned and wait for more updates!

Source: KicksOnFire.com || @soledebrief || | @nikesbornothing

Cover Photo: @soledebrief || @nikesbornothing

Secondary source: https://www.goodymy.com/mind2985723?fbclid=IwAR2ujRiM9nPRW8AIKjl5oUdLtEZQ2wKW_Z3YsDXJUxSPOwXZ8rco2AQIdw4

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