May 2, 2020

Google Pixel Buds Clearly White Available Now | Find Out More About The New Wireless Device

Google Pixel Buds in Clearly White are finally here! With improved sound quality, comfortable fit your ear, clear calls, fast pairing, handsfree Google Assistant, and other AI features.

So what’re the features for the Google Pixel Buds?

1. Design

Google Pixel Buds are truly wireless earbuds that are specially designed for a comfortable, customizable fit.  The Google Pixel Buds 12mm speaker driver design makes the Buds fit comfortably & securely in your ear, while the sweat and water-resistant make it perfect to use during the workout.

2. Fast Pairing

Google Pixel Buds feature long-range Bluetooth connectivity and Fast Pair function that lets you experience the fast pairing in a single tap with any Bluetooth 4.0+ Android or iOS device, and with your Pixel phone and other Android 6.0+ devices.  The long-range connectivity also allows you to stay connected with your device up to 3 rooms aways indoor or a football field distance away outdoors.

“I always used to use wired headphones because I had concerns about the reliability of Bluetooth® connectivity, as lots of other earbuds have pairing problems, including the original Pixel Buds. With the new Pixel Buds, we focused on improving Fast Pair to eliminate these pain points and easily connect to your phone.”— Ethan Grabau, Product Manager


Source: Google
3. Adaptive Sound for better audio

With the updated Adaptive Sound, the Pixel Buds will dynamically adjust the volume as you move from different environments, for example, automatically adjust to lower volume when you move to a quiet environment.

“To help, Adaptive Sound temporarily and subtly adjusts your volume to accommodate for the new noise in your environment and goes back to normal after it’s dissipated. It works kind of like auto-brightness on your phone screen: It momentarily adjusts to the world around you to make the experience of using your device a little simpler.”  – Frank Li, UX Engineer  

4. Clear calls

With the special mics & sensor, Pixel Buds ensure the clear calls even under noisy environment or when you are moving around. Two microphones in each earbud focus on the sound of your voice while suppressing other sounds in the background, while the special sensor detects your voice through the jaw movement.

“To give you clear calls, even in noisy and windy environments, Pixel Buds combine signals from beamforming mics and a special sensor that detects when your jaw is moving. This helps so you don’t have to look for a quiet place to take a call. It’s come in particularly handy these past few weeks for me working from home with two young daughters.” – Jae Lee, Audio Systems Engineer

5. Hands-free help with Google Assistant

With Google Pixel Buds, you can always access to Google Assistant through the hands-free mode, instead of pressing your phone to complete the task, you can get real-time assistant by saying “Hey Google”.  For example, get the real-time translation right in your ear, sending a quick text, or even playing a song.


Source: Google Blog

6. Battery

Pixel Buds have up to 5 hours of listening time and 2.5 hours of talk time on a single charge, and up to 24 hours with the wireless charging case. A 10-minute charge of earbuds in the wireless charging case delivers up to 2 hours of listening time and up to 1 hour of talk time.

Also, a notification on Google Pixel Buds’ battery status will be sent to your device when you opening the case of the earbuds.


Source: Google Blog

7. Find My Device

A new feature – Find My Device is included in the Pixel Buds where you can know the last known location of your earbuds.  There’s also a ring your earbuds function where you can ring one earbud to find it, and the moment you touched the lost earbud, the ringing will stop.


Source: Google Blog

The Google Pixel Buds Clearly White is available to purchase from the US Google Store, and will available to more countries in the coming months. While the other colors—Almost Black, Quite Mint, and Oh So Orange—will be available in the coming months as well.

For more product info, click here.

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