May 4, 2020

Italy Begins To Shake Off The Longest National Lockdown In The World

Stir-crazy Italians will be free to walk and visit relatives during the nine weeks that begin on Monday (May 4), as Europe ’s worst-hit country has relaxed the world ’s longest national coronavirus blockade.

As the economically and emotionally collapsed country tries to resume work, four million people (72% of them estimated to be men) will return to their construction sites and factories.

Stefano Milano, 40, said in Rome: “We feel joy and fear intertwined.”

The father of the three sons said: “Being able to run again carefree will make my son very happy. My son is allowed to let his cousin blow birthday candles to meet our parents.”



source: https://www.todayonline.com/world/italy-begins-emerge-worlds-longest-nationwide-lockdown

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