May 4, 2020

North Korean Defectors Are Criticized For Speculating That Kim Is Sick Or Dead

A former senior North Korean diplomat apologized on Monday, saying that leader Kim Jong Un may be very ill and unbearable. A few days ago, he appeared in an event where the national media chain smoked and participated in hundreds of officials. Walk briskly.

Kim Jong-un disappeared from the official media for several weeks, sparking a series of speculations about his health and whereabouts, and worried about the prospect of establishing a nuclear-weapon state in the event of an accidental succession.

But on Saturday, North Korean media released a photo of Kim during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a fertilizer plant inauguration ceremony.

His resurgence hit the credibility of some well-known defectors from the north who speculated that Kim was suffering from serious illness and might even die.



source: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-8283681/N-Korea-defectors-criticised-speculation-Kim-ill-dead.html

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