May 6, 2020

Have Comments On The Restoration Of Malaysia Economy? | MoF Opened For Malaysians To Share Thoughts

Sin Chew Daily reported that the Minister of Finance (MoF), Tengku Zafrul is asking for Malaysians’ opinions on the short-term measures to restore the economy of Malaysia. Malaysians are welcomed to express their thoughts to the MoF before May 11.

For those who are interested in commenting or voicing out their comments, may visit http://www.treasury.gov.my.

This opinion form is requesting the public to put forward their opinions on 6 topics, namely:

1. New normal: New working mode and operation focusing on hygiene and productivity

2. Job opportunity: Solve the problem of layoffs, human resources development for new occupations

3. User consumption: Encourage private consumption towards economic recovery

4. Revitalizing SMEs: Supporting SMEs’ success in the post-COVID-19 era

5. Reconstruction: Major economic sectors and related company recovery plans

6. Strengthen confidence: Plan for short-term economic growth and restore consumer confidence

Tengku Zafrul posted on his Twitter mentioning that what’s important now is for Malaysia to keep looking forward. The government has begun planning short-term, medium-term, and long-term measures to restore the economy and that all Malaysians are welcomed to share their opinions on short-term measures.

Tengku Zafrul


Sekarang, apa yang penting adalah untuk kita melihat ke hadapan. Kerajaan telah pun memulakan usaha untuk merangka pelan pemulihan semula ekonomi dalam jangka masa pendek, sederhana dan panjang. Jemput berkongsi cadangan bagi langkah-langkah jangka pendek. @MOFmalaysia

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So, if you are unsatisfied with the government’s measures, and you have a better idea, share it now!

Cover photo: Wikipedia || Sin Chew Daily

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