May 6, 2020

Video Game Titans Profits Climb As People Play At Home

US video game titans Activision and Electronic Arts on May 5 reported strong earnings as people staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic turn to games such as Call Of Duty.

Activision said an average of 102 million people played its games online per month in the first quarter of this year, with Call Of Duty: Warzone racking up more than 60 million players since its launch in March.

“Our goal to connect the world through epic entertainment is more important to our players than ever before,” Activision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick said in an earnings release.

“In the face of so many difficulties, our employees have made certain that the joy, the engagement, and the benefits of gaming remain an effective way to help keep our 400 million players around the world connected and safe.”

Play of Overwatch and World Of Warcraft continued to climb, and the popular colour-matching smartphone game Candy Crush held firm as the top-grossing franchise in US mobile app stores, according to Activision.

Activision reported profit of US$505mil (RM2.18bil) on revenue of US$1.8bil (RM7.76bil) in the quarter.



source: https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2020/05/06/video-game-titans-earnings-climb-as-people-play-at-home

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