May 6, 2020

Germany Will Reopen All Shops And Schools In May

According to a draft agreement seen by AFP today, Germany will take new steps towards normalization in May, including reopening stores and schools to control the spread of coronavirus after a few weeks of closure.

The document reads: “Even though preliminary measures were taken from April 20, the number of new infections is still very small.” So far, “no new wave of infection” has been found, which proves a series of bold reopening steps Rationality.

So far, only certain children (such as those about to take the test) have been allowed to return to class.

But now, kindergartens and elementary schools will also reopen from next week.



source: https://www.malaymail.com/news/world/2020/05/06/germany-to-reopen-all-shops-and-schools-in-may/1863615

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