May 7, 2020

Singer G.E.M. Has A Heart Defect, Putting Her At Risk Of A Heart Attack

G.E.M may be only 28 years old, but the recent physical examination of the Hong Kong singer showed that she should pay more attention to health.

As one of the guests of the Chinese reality show Wo Yao Zhe Yang Sheng Huo (roughly translated as I Want To Live Like This), GEM let the audience understand her daily life, including going to the doctor for a health check. The singer also revealed that she had a heart attack, and knew this since childhood.

At the doctor, G.E.M was asked to perform a treadmill stress electrocardiogram test, which analyzed the heart function while the patient was running on a treadmill with sensors connected.

But in less than three minutes of running, G.E.M had to stop because she was panting. Then, the doctor shared with her that her ECG examination was not correct, and the singer confirmed that her ECG or left ventricle had a fistula or abnormal connection.

The doctor then warned that because the heart is not functioning properly and may cause reduced blood flow to the heart, you must monitor your condition. In the worst case, she may have a heart attack at any time.



source: https://www.todayonline.com/8days/sceneandheard/entertainment/gem-reveals-she-has-heart-defect-which-may-cause-her-have-heart

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