May 7, 2020

Report Says Virus May Reduce The Value Of Football Players By 10 Billion Euros

The transfer value of players in 10 of Europe’s top leagues could plummet by up to 10 billion euros due to the economic crash caused by coronavirus, a study from accounting firm KPMG said on Wednesday (May 6).

Transfer spending is expected to fall dramatically, with clubs across the continent facing huge losses as a result of football’s shutdown.

The top divisions in England, Germany, Italy and Spain remain committed to trying to finish the 2019/20 seasons so they can honour huge TV contracts and minimise the financial hit.

KPMG estimates that Europe’s top five leagues, including France, where the season has ended, could lose four billion euros (S$6.14 billion) if the campaigns cannot be completed.



source: https://www.todayonline.com/world/virus-could-wipe-10-billion-euros-football-player-values-says-report

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