May 8, 2020

As Tourism Plummets In Thailand, Unemployed Elephants Released Back Into Natural Habitat

As the coronavirus spreads globally and causing people worldwide to face losing their jobs, elephants living and working in Thailand’s commercial elephants camps and sanctuaries have also become “unemployed” due to the lack of foreign visitors.

Now, they are finally released back into the natural habitat where their real home is.

Over 100 elephants were seen trudging as far as 150km to return to their home recently. It is learnt that with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping visitors away, the elephant camps and sanctuaries – now having almost zero income – are struggling to afford food for the elephants, who are said to have voracious appetite.


Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

According to Sin Chew Daily, the Save Elephant Foundation in the northern province of Chiang Mai has been supporting fundraising appeals to feed the elephants still held captive at tourists parks, but it believes it would be better for the elephants if they were sent home to their natural habitat.

Finally, after years of being ‘trapped’ in tourist parks to entertain visitors, these elephants are allowed return home where they can be more self-sufficient.

At least there is some good news amid this deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Cover photo: Bangkok Post || Koh Samui Sunset

Source from: https://www.goodymy.com/mind5986185?fbclid=IwAR33SBMegyrnIFJ5mqHqzC22-979S_G9a2F8xNyQLiEIeUWMe671lK0j6cg

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