May 8, 2020

Global Survey On Public Approval Of Covid-19 Crisis Management: Malaysia Ranks Fourth

A new survey on citizens’ sentiments towards their governments’ response to the Covid-19 crisis has placed Malaysia at fourth place, ahead of neighbours Indonesia and Singapore.

The survey, jointly conducted by Singapore’s leading social research agency Blackbox Research and international online panel specialist Toluna, saw China emerge tops with an index score of 85, followed by Vietnam at 77.

India and the United Arab Emirates tied at third place with 59.

Malaysia scored 58 points while Indonesia and Singapore tied at seventh place with 48 points.

The survey assessed the response of governments across four key performance indicators: national political leadership, corporate leadership, community, and media.

It found that citizens across the 23 countries it measured were largely unsatisfied with their governments’ response to the pandemic, with Western governments faring worse than their Eastern counterparts.

The US, Australia and all four Western European countries – Italy, Germany, France and the UK – were all rated below the global average, with France scoring the lowest in the region and second lowest globally at 26.



Find out more: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2020/05/08/malaysia-ranks-4th-in-global-survey-on-public-approval-of-covid-19-crisis-management/

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