May 12, 2020

Japan Will Approve Its First Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit Tomorrow

Japan ’s Ministry of Health officials said Japan plans to approve its first coronavirus antigen test kits tomorrow, a move aimed at increasing the number of diagnostic tests that can be used against a pandemic.

Fujirebio, a subsidiary of Japanese diagnostic and laboratory testing service provider Miraca Holdings, applied for government approval for its antigen kit last month.

The antigen test scans for proteins found inside or inside the virus. They usually use a swab to test samples taken from the nasal cavity. These tests can quickly detect viruses, but the rate of false negatives is higher than the current mainstream PCR or polymerase chain reaction tests.

Japanese Minister of Health Katsunobu Kato told Congress on Friday that once the antigen test is approved, it may be used to supplement PCR testing.



source: https://www.malaymail.com/news/world/2020/05/12/japan-to-approve-its-first-covid-19-antigen-test-kits-tomorrow/1865371

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