May 12, 2020

Facebook and Google | Allow Employees To Work From Home Until End of Year

Facebook & Google have announced the work from home policy according to CNBC.


Source: Facebook


Source: Google Blog

In conjunction with the Covid-19, most of the company has practices work from home to prevent the disease’s outbreak.  And Facebook has announced their new policy which allows any employees to continue work from home, unless there’s any critical job that must be done in the office,  even though the company has open most of its offices on July 6.


Source: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned previously regarding the work from a home plan, where he wants to make sure the safety and minimize the possibility of future outbreaks.  Additionally,  Facebook is canceling any large physical events they had planned with 50 or more people through June 2021, as well as preventing any business travel through at least June of this year.

https://i0.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/51033/20200511_15891842475141_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1    Source: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

On the other hand, another tech giant Google has also announced that the employees will remain working remotely until at least 1st of June 2020, according to theinformation.


Source: sundarpichai twitter

Google chief executive CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that the majority of the employees can work from home until the end of the year, while those who needed to return to the office can resume work from July with enhanced safety practice.


Source: Google blog

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Facebook || CNBC || Businessinsider

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