May 15, 2020

Get GTA 5 on PC for FREE, courtesy of the Epic Games Store

GTA 5 is this week’s free Epic Games Store title, with Rockstar’s 2013 open world classic available to download now from the online storefront at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

The free version on the Epic Game Store includes full access to the single-player campaign, and its ambitious multiplayer counterpart, GTA Online, which continues to be updated with regular content drops and hotfixes on a weekly basis. You’ll also be able to keep the game forever.

Better yet, the PC version is where you’ll also be able to access, share, or even create GTA 5 mods, of which there are hundreds of incredible ones to choose from, both silly and sophisticated.

The game recently left Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service to be replaced by Rockstar’s other modern masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption 2, so the news that Los Santos is open to anyone once again (albeit to those with a PC that can run GTA 5) is certainly welcome.

This free pickup should also hopefully soften the blow surrounding recent reports that GTA 6 is only in the early stages of development, and not – as many assumed – close to releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X in the near future.

While the game is permanently yours as soon as you’ve redeemed it from the Epic Games Store, you only have a limited amount of time to do so, before next week’s free game replaces it on May 21. So hurry; Los Santos’ gates won’t be open forever.


source: https://www.gamesradar.com/gta-5-free-epic-games-store/

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