May 16, 2020

Medical Experts In Malaysia Were Disappointed By The Permission Given For Hari Raya Visiting

Based on the report of New Straits Times,  Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob had announced that the Government would allow visiting and small parties of at most 20 close family members on the first day of Hari Raya.

On May 12, the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) released a press statement that pointed out that the decision of the Prime Minister could ruin the current progress of Malaysians in the fight against Covid-19. AMM added that it only takes one infected person to spread the disease unknowingly to family members.


Photo Source: Facebook Of Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia 

Other than requesting for a policy review, the AMM also suggested that Hari Raya celebrations should be only with family members living in the same house. It also reminded the Government of the extensive challenges and bulky resources needed to do contact tracing.

AMM advised that it is important to keep track of the condition of green zones and red zones because non-adherence to precautions will increase new clusters. COVID-19 continues to be an ongoing threat and Malaysians need to be cautious to stop its spread.

Source: New Straits Times | Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) 

Cover Photo: Facebook Of Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Berita Harian


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