May 16, 2020

Russian Man Tossed Grenade Into Neighbor’s House Over ‘Noisy Behavior’

Keeping your voices down whenever you’re talking, chatting or even throwing a party is always wise, especially when you have a bad-tempered or drunk neighbor.

In a shocking news reported by Sin Chew Daily, a 67-year-old man threw a grenade into his neighbor’s house because he was dissatisfied with their partying sounds.


Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

It was reported that the neighbor was celebrating a birthday in their private house in the village of Prietoksky, Stavropol Region in a group of 18 members. 15 of them were injured as a result of the grenade explosion. There were no children among the victims, according to TASS.

The man has been arrested and is said to be drunk when the incident occurred.

Cover photo: Sin Chew Daily || Sky News

Source from: https://www.goodymy.com/mind3386689?fbclid=IwAR0s9OVO6eiZtMK6X-MlJkfTHy34YN0OOwJ6h6MbSMzgqjXSyOQFGZ42Y9o

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