May 16, 2020

COVID-19 Has Arrived In World’s Largest Rohingya Refugee Camp

The deadly virus that has killed millions of lives globally has been detected in Bangladesh’s largest and densely populated refugee camps.

A Rohingya man and a local person who lives outside the camp were tested positive for the coronavirus.

“One patient is from the refugee population and the other one from the surrounding host population,” said WHO spokesman Catalin Bercaru.

Local health coordinator said the two men had been taken to isolation center, and another 1900 refugees were also screened and placed under quarantine.


Photo source: Human Rights Watch

Bangladesh authorities imposed a lockdown on the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar —home to almost a million refugees— since 14 March. However, despite the lockdown, the number of cases still continues to rise sharply.

Source: See Hua OnlineAljazeera

Secondary source: https://www.goodymy.com/mind5286694?fbclid=IwAR3GeVODsazaX4q_4gZp6IPuPxqIOTU-VDN7Oejhf4y_19rRhyeq1m85YKo

Cover photo: Kaladan Press Network || Nature

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