May 19, 2020

90-year-old Japanese Grandma Is The Eldest Gaming Youtuber

Hamako Mori, a 90-year-old Japanese grandmother opened her Youtube channel in 2015 with the name “GamerGranma” to share the videos of her gaming. Recently, she did a video and showed the “Guinness World Records” certification, saying that she has obtained the certification of the World’s Oldest Gaming YouTuber.


Photo source: Sinchew

According to Sinchew, in 1981, 51-year-old Mori Hamako started her video game journey, using Cassette Vision to play video games. She has played many games in recent years including the game which needs high responsiveness such as FPS (First-Person Shooting Game).

Her YouTube channel currently has over 200,000 subscribers. She said that besides taking it as an entertainment, playing games can also prevent her from suffering from dementia.

According to Guinness World Records,

“It looked so much fun, and I thought it’s not fair if only children played it,” Hamako said.

“I thought life would be more fun if I knew how to play it. So I started playing, at first while no one was watching.”

Video source: Guinness World Records Youtube Channel

News source: Goody Malaysia

Cover photo: Guinness World Records | Sinchew

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