May 19, 2020

Malaysian Students In UK Are Seeking Help To Return Home

1,500 Malaysian students sought help from the High Commission of Malaysia in London because they wanted to return home within the next two months. The Home Office in London also rejected the request of the students who wanted to renew their student visas beyond May. These Malaysian students are required to leave the UK before the expiry date of their visas or else they would face punitive action for overstaying. Some students who will be sitting for their exams soon are occupied by this problem because they do not know what would happen to them after May 31.


Photo source: Cluey Learning

Besides, there are no flights from London to Malaysia because many countries have closed their borders amid Covid-19. This has made travelling really hard and nearly impossible. Travellers need to wait for 24-48 hours before getting the connecting flight to KLIA.

Moreover, there are also complaints and requests from parents and pubic to the authorities to help bring back their children and loved ones from overseas during the lockdown.


Photo Source: Traveller

Hopefully, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein could look into this issue and bring our Malaysians back.

Source: The Sun Daily

Secondary source: Goody Malaysia

Cover photo: Cluey Learning | Flickr | Sun Education 

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