May 20, 2020

The Man Plans To Send The Police Officer Fullmoon Cake To Thank Them

Remember this man? The man who was lucky enough to get help from the cops and soldier to help him clear the path, and escorting his car to the hospital for his wife to deliver their baby.

https://i2.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/49427/20200519_15898818706911_mobile.jpeg?w=640&ssl=1   Photo source: Zun Jie Aji Facebook

The lucky man sent his pregnant wife to the hospital for delivery in the shortest possible time with the help of the “escorting team”. He was thankful and planned to send full moon cakes to express his gratitude to them when the baby is turning one month old.

Zun Jie was driving from home at about 10 am on the day of the incident. As he was expecting the baby, he drove fast enough to get caught by the police for speeding.

He told them the situation and the military police were so kind as they escorted them to the hospital for his wife to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

Zun Jie even contacted them to thank them and informed them the baby was delivered safely. It is glad to know that the mother and the baby are both safe now.

Cover photo: Zun Jie Aji Facebook

Source from: Goody Malaysia

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