May 20, 2020

The Face Of A Beautiful Indian Actress Was Disfigured By Dog ​Bites

Sana Makbul, a 26 years-old Indian actress suddenly published a post declaring that disappeared from the eye of the public because her face was bitten by a dog and she had to undergo surgery. She is now working hard every day for an early recovery.

Besides, she also mentioned that she loves her face very much no matter she is an ordinary person or an actor. She added that she would hate animals all her life.


Photo Source: Sinchew Daily 

Many of her friends and fans have left messages to comfort her, cheer her up and wish her a speedy recovery.

Photo Source: Sinchew Daily

She expressed that her current situation is like what has been described in Alessia Cara’s song “Scars To Your Beautiful”. She also mentioned that this is a severe accident and the scar will follow her forever. Moreover, she sadly accepted the fact that her face will not be the same as before.

Besides, she pointed out that this incident caused her great mental damage, but she told herself to be strong. “So I am a fighter dancing through the fire. Well, life has its own teachings & blessings.”

Source: Sinchew Daily

Cover photo: Sinchew Daily

Secondary source: Goody Malaysia

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