May 21, 2020

Man Kills Himself After Wife Tested Positive For COVID-19

A man in New Delhi, India, hanged himself at home few hours after his wife was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus, reports Sin Chew Daily.

The police said the reason he committed suicide remained unconfirmed, but according to a family member, the 54-year-old deceased felt very stressful when he learnt that his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus and therefore took his own life.

The family member said that the wife was taken to a hospital as she felt unwell the week before. Not long after that, she was said to have tested positive for the lethal virus.

“He went straight to his room right after he came home without a word. He was really worried about his wife,” said the family member.


Photo source: New Straits Times

The deceased was then found dead in his room the next morning.

This is just sad. Let’s hope his wife and other patients could get well and the pandemic ends as soon as possible.

Cover photo: The Sun Daily || Pantai Hospitals

Source from: Goody Malaysia

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