May 22, 2020

California Man Marrying His Cat To Raise Money For Animal Shelter

A California man is seeking to raise money for an animal shelter by holding a wedding ceremony to marry his cat.

Scott Perry said he adopted his cat, Olivia, from Los Angeles’ Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in 2015, and she has since become his constant companion.

Perry said the past two months of COVID-19 quarantine inspired him to plan a wedding to his pet, complete with a Zola page and a “registry” that’s actually just a fundraiser for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Perry said the wedding will be livestreamed Saturday on his Instagram page, and he is hoping to raise $5,000 for the shelter.



source: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/05/20/California-man-marrying-his-cat-to-raise-money-for-animal-shelter/3501589996541/?sl=13

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