May 23, 2020

Infant With Heart Condition Flown From Kuching To KL By RMAF For Urgent Surgery

Since all interstate travel is banned under the conditional control movement order (CMCO), it is almost impossible for Malaysians to cross state border in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

But when we really happen to be in an emergency situation during this CMCO period with restricted movements allowed, we would very likely to find ourselves being lent a hand by the government. This is exactly what happened to this 2-month-old baby in Sarawak.

The baby who suffered from a heart condition known as Taussig-Bing syndrome needed to be transferred to the National Heart Institute in KL for an urgent surgery.

However, as the CMCO still takes place, it was difficult for the hospital and the family to find flights to bring the baby to KL in the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) stepped in to help and flew the baby and her mother, as well as a doctor and a nurse from the Kuching Air Base to the Subang Air Base.


Photo source: TUDM

“Let’s pray that the baby has a safe surgery and recovers so she can grow up like other children while continue living every day,” wrote the RMAF in a statement.

Bravo to all of the crews that were involved in the event! You are the real hero!

We also hope the baby would recover as soon as possible and grow up healthily.

Cover photo: TUDM

Source from: Goody Malaysia

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