May 23, 2020

Dozens Killed As Pakistani Plane With Over 100 Onboard Crashes Into Karachi

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Lahore-Karachi Airbus A320 went down and crashed into a residential area near the Karachi airport on Friday (May 22). There were 107 people on board, reported Oriental Daily.

According to CNN, at least 76 people died in the crash, but “the plane did not hit any buildings and no one on the ground appears to have been killed,” said PIA CEO Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik, adding that the plane landed on a lane.


Photo source: Oriental Daily
Two survivors have been found so far. One of them was identified as Zafar Masud, the CEO of the Bank of Punjab.
The airline was tracking the number of dead with local hospitals.
The reason why the plane went down still remained unknown, but the airline chief said investigation will be carried out.
Life really is fragile. We could only hope there would be more survivors.
Cover photo: TIME || Gulf News
Source from: Goody Malaysia

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