May 23, 2020

Japanese Experiment Showed How Fast Is The Virus Spreading In A Buffet Restaurant

The number of people infected with COVID-19 is still rising worldwide. Japan’s NHK Radio and public health experts have done an experiment to simulate the virus transmission in the buffet restaurant. One of the experimenters acted as an infected person. The expert applied fluorescent paint (to represent viruses)on his body and asked him to cover his mouth with his hands and cough once every 5 minutes. During the rest of the time, he would communicate normally with 9 other people.

https://i1.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200516_15896324976021_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1   Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

After 30 minutes, the experts turned off the lights for observation. It was found that 10 experimenters were stained with fluorescent paints of varying degrees on their hands and faces. In addition, the surroundings of the restaurant, including seats, clips, napkins, etc., are stained with fluorescent paint. Fluorescent paints representing “viruses” can spread to the entire restaurant in just 30 minutes, proving that the rate of virus infection is quite fast and amazing.


Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN https://i1.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200516_15896320636392_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1  

Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN https://i0.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200516_15896320639903_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1    

Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN https://i2.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200516_15896320644854_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1  

Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

After that, they conducted another experiment. This time, the waiter wearing gloves and masks was holding food for the guests. At the same time, the guests should also follow the instructions to wipe their hands from time to time. The results of the experiment showed that none of the 10 experimenters had fluorescent paint on their faces, and one experimenter had fluorescent paint on their hands, which greatly reduced the number of “infected” people. This has proven that it is important to wear masks and wash hands frequently.


Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN https://i1.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200516_15896320656917_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1   Photo Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Video Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Although Malaysia has relaxed the conditions of movement restrictions, I hope everyone should remain vigilant, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and maintain social distance, and reduce the need to go out without unnecessary. The struggle between humans and viruses is not over.

Source: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Cover photo: YouTube of NHK WORLD-JAPAN

Secondary source: Goody Malaysia

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