May 23, 2020

Villagers In Indonesia Infected By Coronavirus After Bathing Dead COVID-19 Patient

15 villagers in East Java, Indonesia have been infected by the deadly coronavirus for insisting on performing a traditional bathing ritual on a dead COVID-19 patient.

The deceased — died 2 weeks ago from coronavirus — should have been cremated as soon as possible according to protocols. However, the stubborn family members requested the body to be sent back to their home. Together with other villagers, they performed a bathing ritual on the corpse as per local tradition.

This has resulted in 15 of them being infected with the virus while many other needing medical observation.


Photo source: NST

According to the local authorities, the village is currently under lockdown. That being said, any entry and exit of the villagers are restricted. The mosque in the village has also being directed to not conduct any mass prayers.

Source: Oriental Daily

Secondary source: Goody Malay

Cover photo: Astro Awani || Jakarta Globe

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