May 27, 2020

Texas Woman Gave Birth | She Was Unaware Of Her Pregnancy

On May 9, a Texas woman called Cindy gave birth to her son Jaxson who weighed about 2.25 kg in the shower. She and her boyfriend Chris became parents overnight. It was not an ordinary pregnancy as she was unaware that she was nine months pregnant.

Cindy delivered on an ordinary Saturday when she felt cramps in the bathtub. Cindy’s childbirth took less than an hour. She didn’t use any strength at all but she felt that her body had a thrust. The baby was born like this.

YouTube Source: YouTube Channel of ABC13 Houston

According to Chris, Cindy’s weight only increased by about 4.54 kg. There is no sign and other fetal movements at all. Moreover, the monthly period still showed up as usual.

Although she did not do prenatal care, Cindy was satisfied with the delivery results and the baby was very healthy. Currently, she and her boyfriend are adjusting to life with their child.

https://i0.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200526_15904655145471_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1   Photo Source: Screenshot of video of YouTube Channel of ABC13 Houston

https://i1.wp.com/images.goodytech.io/images/catalog/48829/20200526_15904655149492_mobile.png?w=640&ssl=1 Photo Source: Screenshot of video of YouTube Channel of ABC13 Houston

When Cindy gave birth, her boyfriend happened to visit her family, so she called for help and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. After arriving at the hospital, Cindy told Chris this important news through FaceTime.

Chris said that his relatives and friends felt incredible when he told them that he and Cindy had become parents.

Source: Sinchew Daily

Secondary source: Goody Malaysia

Cover Photo: Sinchew Daily

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