May 27, 2020

Professional Wrestler Hana Kimura’s Suicide Linked To Cyberbullying

The starring 22-year-old Japanese professional wrestler Hana Kimura passed away. She starred in the latest season of Netflix reality show Terrace House. Hes narrative quickly evolved into a potentially dangerous narrative of cyberbullying.

The official cause of death has not been announced. However, there were rumors on Saturday that Kimura committed suicide on Friday. According to media reports, Kimura ’s fan translation of tweets from earlier in the day showed that she felt weak and no longer wanted to “become human”. Since then, Kimura ’s tweets have been deleted, so the translation cannot be verified.

Kimura was part of Stardom Wrestling, which confirmed Kimura’s death Friday night in a tweet.

Kimura was one of six people living together in front of cameras for Terrace House. The reality series claimed to have no script and said its goal was to observe what happens behind closed doors when strangers co-habitate. Drama ensued, including an exchange that fans have said led to extensive bullying of Kimura.



source: https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/entertainment/2020/05/27/professional-female-wrestler-hana-kimura039s-suicide-linked-to-cyberbullying

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