May 27, 2020

Boy Found Stolen Safe While Magnet Fishing

Many people took up new hobbies or discovered their ‘hidden talents’ while being under quarantine due to the pandemic, so did this 6-year-old American boy, whose newfound interest — magnet fishing — then turned out to become a memorable experience.

During his outing to Whitney Lake at South Carolina with his parents, Knox Brewer was casually magnet fishing before the magnet pulled on something heavy that was stuck in the mud below. With the help of a stranger, Knox pulled the thing that turned out to be a safe containing jewelry, credit cards and a checkbook.

“I knew the right thing to do was go ahead and call the local authorities, get them involved and try to solve this mystery,” said Knox’s father, Mr. Brewer.


Photo source: China Press

Authorities found the owner of the safe. She was a woman living just across the street. According to her, the safe was stolen from her eight years ago.

“The first thing that she did was just kneel down, hug Knox and thanked him and thanked him for bringing that closure to her,” Mr. Brewer said.

Wow, who would’ve thought his new hobby would be a big help for others? This is indeed an unforgettable experience for the 6-year-old!

Source: China PressFox 29

Cover photo: China Press || Kwong Wah

Secondary source: Goody Malaysia

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