May 27, 2020

NTV7 Chinese News will stop broadcasting from June 8

(Kuala Lumpur, 27th) The Chinese news of ntv7 will be officially suspended from June 8, and the Chinese news of Octave will be extended to 1 hour.

The leading media issued a statement today saying that from June 8, the highest-octave Chinese news in the country will be extended to 1 hour, from 8:00 to 9:00 every night.

The statement pointed out that with the goal of implementing the Ministry of Information’s manpower consolidation, Octave Space Chinese News and NTV7 Chinese News will be merged into a group. The NTV7 Chinese News period originally scheduled to be broadcast at 5 pm will be merged into Octave Space Chinese News to make the evening The news broadcast at 8 o’clock will be extended to 1 hour, and ntv7 Chinese news will be discontinued on the same day.

The notice also said that Octave Space Chinese News achieved a daily rating of more than 1 million views during the administrative period and reached 1.2 million on May 6, a record high.

“In order to further optimize the news content, the TV station will integrate internal resources, and the two (octave and ntv7) Chinese news will be merged into a group. In the future, the octave Chinese news will add current affairs programs and open authoritative Chinese financial programs. To give back to China News Agency with high-quality content. ”

The following is the latest period of Chinese news:

Octave Space Luncheon News (30 minutes)-12:30 noon to 1 pm

Octave Space Chinese News (1 hour)-8pm to 9pm


Source from: Orientaldaily.com

Photo source from: ntv7mandarinnews facebook

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