June 12, 2020

K-pop Fans Emerge As A Powerful Force In US Protests

K-pop artists’ and fans’ assistance for the Black Lives Matter motion has actually brought in attention.

Amid continuous protests in America versus bigotry and cops cruelty, a international legion of K-pop fans has actually emerged as an essential ally for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) motion.

Fans of South Korea’s music market have actually raised funds for BLM and mobilised to overload social networks hashtags utilized by its challengers, making gratitude from protesters for their political advocacy.

Some might have been shocked by their effect, however K-pop observers note fans have long organised assistance for social and political causes as well as their preferred artists.

This assistance has, nevertheless, likewise raised concerns about systemic bigotry in the market and fandom, resulting in require K-pop to resolve its own complex relationship with race.

Fancams to the rescue

Following the break out of protests in the US, stimulated by the death of black guy George Floyd, the Dallas Police Department asked individuals to share videos of “illegal activity protests” through the iWatch Dallas app.

K-pop fans around the world reacted by swamping it with fan-recorded videos, understood as fancams, and memes of different K-pop artists, in an effort to avoid cops from tracking protesters’ actions.

Barely a day later on, the app was reported to be experiencing technical problems though Dallas Police would not state if it was because of the fancams.

K-pop fans likewise spammed hashtags utilized to oppose BLM on social networks, such as #AllLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter and #WhiteLivesMatter

Though this made such hashtags pattern greater, it likewise made it harder for their initial messages to be seen.

K-pop fans, who have actually formerly been derided online and criticised for “fancam spam”, were commemorated as valued allies of the protestors.



source: https://theunionjournal.com/k-pop-fans-emerge-as-a-powerful-force-in-us-protests/

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