June 16, 2020

BTS Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Succeesful Bang Bang Con Online Concert

In June 2013, the seven members of BTS started down the path that would lead them to becoming one of the most impactful boy bands the world has ever seen. Over the weekend, the record-breaking act celebrated their seventh anniversary with the digital concert event Bang Bang Con: The Live, and over 750,000 fans joined them.

According to BTS’s company Big Hit Entertainment, June 14’s Bang Bang Con event attracted 756,600 ARMY, BTS’s fans, from across 107 regions. The 100-minute long event was broadcast via streaming platform Kiswe, which recently entered a partnership with Big Hit.

According to Big Hit, Bang Bang Con: The Live had “the biggest audience for a paid virtual concert” to date.

The event had been preceded by Bang Bang Con in April, when BTS broadcasted 2-days worth of previous concerts on streaming platforms.

During the June 14 show, BTS performed a dozen of their songs, opening with their 2015 single “Dope” and ending with their iconic 2017 hit “Spring Day,” with both old and new tracks, including several from this year’s Map of the Soul: 7, performed in between. They also showcased several products they are brand ambassadors for, including Samsung phones ahead of the launch of a special BTS-themed phone and earbuds.

Fans who want to relive the event were able to as BTS shared Bang Bang Con: The Live playlists on several digital streaming platforms.

Throughout Bang Bang Con: The Live, the members shared regrets over not being able to hold their Map of the Soul world tour due to the state of the world in response to the global coronavirus pandemic, but expressed hope that they would be able to hold the tour soon and turned Bang Bang Con into a special anniversary celebration for themselves and their ARMY, together even when apart.

“Though we may not be able to see each other at this time, we’ve been constantly striving to grow as a group,” said Jimin. “We are coping up with it pretty well so [I] hope that you too can overcome this time by finding the small joy within. [I] hope we can meet each other again with smiles on our faces.”

Bang Bang Con: The Live was held the day after BTS’s seventh anniversary on June 13, marking a milestone for the act, which member Jin alluded to during the event as he expressed how BTS’s members and company had been able to thrive beyond the original contract limitations over the first seven years of their career. Traditionally in the South Korean music industry, initial contracts between companies and pop artists are seven-years-long, and many acts disband or revamp their band identity upon reaching that milestone. The record-breaking septet renewed their contracts with the company last year, and BTS is now signed with Big Hit through 2026. They released their best-selling Map of the Soul: 7 LP in April, a nod both to the seven members and 2020 being their seventh year of success together.



source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tamarherman/2020/06/15/bts-celebrates-7th-anniversary-with-succesful-bang-bang-con-online-concert/#7f4bb2ed6d7b

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