June 26, 2020

This New Bubble Tea Shampoo Is Made With Brown Sugar, Milk And Tea Just Like Your Favourite BBT

Bubble Tea Shampoo For Milk Tea Fans

Bubble tea shampoo and conditioner now exist for boba fans to flex their love for the popular drink. Created by

bubble tea chain PiQiMi and haircare brand Renata, this bubble tea series was launched in Taiwan on 8 June 2020.

Bubble tea shampoo and conditioner

bubble tea shampoo

There are only 2 products in the series, namely Bubble Milk Tea Shampoo and Bubble Milk Tea Conditioner. The shampoo is priced at NT$660 (~RM 95.73) while the conditioner goes at a slightly higher price of NT$760 (~RM 110.24).

Aside from smelling sweet, the shampoo and conditioner also help to slow down the fading process of dyed hair while keeping your mane moisturised. On top of that, the conditioner contains guar gum, which forms a protective coat on your strands. This coat helps to give your hair that natural sheen we so often see on shampoo advertisements.

Chien Peien

The person behind this collaboration is Chien Peien, a Taiwanese actress who owns the bubble tea brand PiQiMi. PiQiMi is known for their Four Seasons Green Tea Emerald Bubble, which is a green boba pearl made with tea. The pearls hold a subtle tea fragrance that subtly complements PiQiMi’s drinks.

While Chien Peien may not be a familiar name to Singaporeans, the actress has appeared in many Taiwanese shows including Taiwan Tornado—a 345-episode drama that your grandma probably watched on Channel 8 years ago.



Photo and news source from: zula.sg

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