June 30, 2020

Late Serena Liu’s husband Shin Lung to return to work on September 5

When dancing queen Serena Liu passed in March this year, no one was more heartbroken than her husband, Shin Lung. Liu left behind Lung, 48, and their four-year old daughter, Ni Ni.

The Taiwanese singer reportedly lost nine kilograms in the month following his wife’s death and has been largely absent from the entertainment scene ever since.

However, Lung’s agency has finally confirmed that he will be returning to work on September 5 to perform at an “Anti-Epidemic” charity concert.

TV host Jacky Wu, who runs Lung’s management agency, said that he has been encouraging Lung to return to work as soon as possible as he “does not want the grief to overwhelm Lung”.

Wu has been a pillar of support for Lung through these trying times, often calling to check up on him. “He calls me to just chat and he often asks me out to eat. But I told him that even if I do go out, I would just want to hide in a corner, ” said Lung earlier this year.

The singer is still struggling to return to a normal life but is motivated to get back on his feet for his daughter’s sake.

Wu has said that the agency will “let Lung take his time to get back into work step by step, so that he can slowly emerge from the pits of despair”.

“I hope that he will be in a better state of mind (come September) so that he can recover from his loss, ” added Wu.



Photo and news source from: thestar.com.my

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