July 13, 2020

Kids go back to school with new routines

PETALING JAYA: With the reopening of schools for more students starting this Wednesday, those returning to boarding schools have to be mentally prepared for new routines and arrangements to prevent Covid-19 infections.

Form Five student Restu Annisa Amir, who has been back at her boarding school in Perak for two weeks, said it was initially difficult to adapt to the standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Our temperature is checked every morning before going to class. My class was divided into two and mine was moved from the first floor to the fourth floor.

“We are only allowed to use one side of the stairs to go up and the other end to go down. In the canteen, we are only allowed to eat in pairs with one student at each end of the table,” she said.

Restu said in the dormitory, two students would share a room with a line painted in the middle to mark the barrier for social distancing.

“We have to follow the arrows painted on one side of the hallway to go to the toilet and the other side to get back to our room,” she said.

While Form Five students such as Restu have returned to their boarding schools starting June 28, Form Four students will only be back starting tomorrow.

A few boarding schools are, however, postponing their reopening for Form One to Form Four students until after Hari Raya Haji.

Form Four Mara student Nur An’umillah Insyirah Asmarizal said while she was excited to return to school after the Raya break to meet her friends after four months at home, she would certainly miss her family.

“Some of my teachers told us they did not want to trouble students to return to school only for a week and then go back home for the Hari Raya Haji break,” she said.

To prepare herself, Nur An’umillah said she would be bringing sanitisers and masks.

However, she had yet to be informed of all the guidelines in the SOP at school.

Civil servant Sue Alina Abdul Aziz said she had reminded her Form Four daughter, who would be returning to her boarding school in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, about the precautionary measures to take.

“I have briefed her about social distancing and not to share her personal belongings with other people but I also worry that it will be hard to do so when there are lots of people in the dorm and at school.

“The school also mentioned that the dorms would be rearranged to have fewer students from the 10 to 12 students previously,” she said.

She said the school would be giving face masks and sanitisers for the students but parents had also been encouraged to equip their children with their own.

Housewife Syikeen Saleh said based on the SOP for Form Five students, parents had been informed that the students were not allowed to leave the boarding school for outings and would be served packed food instead of buffets during meals.

“I’ve bought a lot of food for my daughter as she won’t be able to go out to shop on her own. We’ve been informed that parents cannot send their children to their dorms and only non-food items can be dropped off to the security guards once the school reopens,” she said.

“Previously, we cleared out all her things from the dormitory so now when she returns, it is like starting the first day of school.”


Photo and news source: thestar.com.my

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