July 23, 2020

Housing area floods for first time in 30 years, residents blame clogged drains

Subang MCA division chairman and Selangor MCA Complaints Bureau chief Lawrence Chiew with residents Yap Kwee Hwa, 60 (background) and Wong Kiew Lor, 76 (r) after the floods had subsided.

RESIDENTS at Jalan TK5/22, Taman Kinrara, who experienced flood waters coming into their homes for the first time in 30 years are blaming it on clogged drains in the housing area.

Subang MCA chairman and Selangor MCA Complaints Bureau chief Lawrence Chiew, who was at the scene, said residents, still reeling from the trauma of losing their belongings, had told him that despite numerous complaints to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council, little action was taken to dig up mud and rubbish from the area’s drainage systems.

“They were not able to present me with written records but the residents I spoke to said they seldom see drain-cleaning activities taking place in this area, ” said Chiew.

Resident Yap Kwee Hwa, 60, said drain maintenance has been largely unsatisfactory for the last two years.

“The cleaners do come but they don’t do a thorough job. They’d dig up certain parts but leave the other parts undone. When we ask the workers when they’d be coming again to complete the job, they’d give us a day, but they don’t show up, ” said Yap.

Kwan Chooi Yee, 55 said she had to fork out her own money to repairs collapsed drainage in front of her house. When a similar occurrence happened at the drains at the back of her house, she said a complaint was made to a political aide of a minister but no action was taken.

“We feel cheated. We pay assessment fees but are not getting the service, ” she said.

Kwan also complained that she has not seen anyone inspecting the fire hydrants in the housing area. She fears that one day, should a fire occur and the fire hydrants are dry, nothing can be done to save the situation.

But coming back to the current situation, she hopes the council will give the drains in the housing area a good cleaning once and for all, preferably before the monsoon season which is expected to last till August.

Giving an oral history of the stormwater runoff patterns in the area for the past 20 years, Wong Kiew Lor, 76, said flooding at the front yards of their homes was quite common but it was not a cause for concern until flood waters started coming into their home on Wednesday (July 22).

“My son was at work when the flood waters started rushing into my living room. Luckily, I did not fall though the floor was slippery. The water was at least 15cm deep before it subsided, ” said Wong.

When contacted, MCA Selangor Liaison Committee deputy chairman Tan Gim Tuan said the issue of stormwater management will require the area councillors and assemblymen to sit down with council town planners for viable solutions.

Citing poorly planned development and clearing of forests as some of the main reasons for flash floods, Tan stressed that it was crucial to conduct a thorough investigation of the area when it comes to finding solution.

“The problem may not just be in clogged drains but perhaps nearby ongoing construction work where the channeling of excess stormwater might not have been properly managed, ” said Tan.



Photo and news source: thestar.com.my

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